With Karl the Fog MIA and the excitement of Outside Lands on the horizon, we are excited to announce that we have the Puppies Make Me Happy Line at The Shop SF! Puppies Make Me Happy is a brand of women’s and men’s tees, tanks and hats that spread happiness to everyone with their heart melting puppy pics. From puppies with beach balls to puppies on top of pancakes (Or as he is now famously called “Pupcakes”) every puppy is sure to make your day a little bit happier. Puppies Make Me Happy has been spreading joy through puppies at a rapid pace and has even spread happiness to likes of Kaskade, Nervo and Scott Eastwood. The now famous puppies have become the happiest clothing line in the world.

The girl’s shirts are hot and awesome and feature my personal favorite, the hot pink tank with the Classic Pom Pom (Pomeranian) design. They also have their classic sleeveless cutouts and cute fitted tees featuring all the adorable puppies.

The men’s line is sure to turn every guy into a chick magnet. The men’s shirts are the perfect combination of masculine and adorable and serve as an amazing conversation starter (“Do you know Niels?).

The newest addition to line is their unisex Trucker Hats, which have been flying off the shelves! The black hats that feature the Puppies Make Me Happy logo will make everyone around you swoon.

Stop by The Shop SF at 1980 Union Street to pick up your piece of the happiest clothing line in the world and spread the happiness!

Puppies make me happy at the shop pink pom pom

puppies make me happy at the shop sf pupcakes

Puppies make me happy at the shop sf bulldog

puppies make me happy at the shop sf trucker hat


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